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Tweets of the Week

A new Crystal Ball feature, Tweets of the Week, will showcase some highlights from the past week in politics. This commentary is just a sampling of the analysis (and, yes, sometimes humor) of University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato who can be found on Twitter by clicking here 1.

July 8: With Madigan gone, Gov. Pat Quinn (D) breathes easier. Senate race still anybody's game--except for joke occupying the seat, Roland Burris.

July 7: If the GOP goes with a newbie in '12, Dems can't easily charge 'inexperience'. After all, they picked a lightly experienced nominee in '08.

July 6: Palin: Resignation hurts her because it gives a sledgehammer to any R or D opponent. 'She up and quit--went AWOL.' Sanford without the sex.

July 5: Usual suspects are telling us that Palin is "shrewd" and now sure to gain the '12 R nod. Same people who told us Palin'd put McCain over top.

July 4: Amusing to watch certain analysts strain to show how Palin's resignation is a political plus. She's not going to be president, period.

July 4: Palin's rambling press conference was a videotaped suicide note for her presidential ambitions. If GOP nominates her, it's 1964 all over.

July 3: Sean Parnell becomes the ELEVENTH Lt. Gov. to become GOV in recent years. Voters need to pay attention when they choose a Lt. Gov.

June 30: My favorite Fourth: 7/4/76, Queen Elizabeth II visits UVA for Bicentennial. Thousands on TJ's Lawn to greet her and Philip. Lunch in Rotunda

June 30: Getting to Senate 60: Dems are thrilled, but there's downside. Dems now control everything and are responsible for everything that happens.

June 28: Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is to Gov. Mark Sanford what Spiro Agnew was to Richard Nixon--an insurance policy against impeachment or resignation.

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