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Larry J. Sabato, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics August 20th, 2009


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1:47 PM Aug 14th: Jimmy Carter used to say that as president he’d never met a person who hadn’t had a recent bath. Ppl are on their best behavior, rarely rude.

10:46 AM Aug 15th: Impressive achievements by Sen. Jim Webb of VA today in Myanmar. Senatorial equivalent of BClinton in North Korea.

5:31 PM Aug 15th: From CBS’ Mark Knoller via Politico’s Mike Allen: 8/13 was only 8th time in 206 days that Obama was not seen/heard in person by press corps.

9:46 AM Aug 16th: On health care reform, summarizing everything, best bet is that Congress Dems won’t do to Obama what they did to Clinton: They’ll pass a bill

9:48 AM Aug 16th: But this isn’t going to be the bill Obama wanted. Much scaled back in cost, reach, taxes. Will still be massively unpopular w/GOP.

9:50 AM Aug 16th: 2010 midterm contests may be much affected, in part because GOP voters will be motivated to show up at polls disproportionately.

9:00 PM Aug 17th: Kay Bailey Hutchison struck the only theme that can get her a GOP TX primary win–that Gov. Rick Perry is trying to stay too long (14 yrs).

9:02 PM Aug 17th: In 1996 both TX U.S. senators told me they thought they were the last Anglo senators from TX. Not true. But those demographics are TX future

1:01 PM Aug 18th: Bob Novak, dead today at 78, had much bluff and bluster on TV and in columns, but privately was generous with his time and talents. Rest in peace.

1:53 PM Aug 18th: Jenny Sanford, wife but not soulmate of Mark(R-SC), says the problem is pol ego–everyone treats pols as earthly gods. She’s right as rain.

12:09 PM Aug 19th: CBS’s Don Hewitt has died. Most obits will center on “60 Minutes” but in my mind Hewitt will be remembered for swinging the ’60 election.

12:10 PM Aug 19th: It was inadvertent. He produced Nixon-Kennedy TV debates. At the critical first, he offered make-up to JFK, who refused. Nixon followed suit

12:11 PM Aug 19th: But the wily JFK had been suntanning all day and looked fabulous. Nixon had been sick and was pale w/ 6 o’clock shadow. JFK looked more POTUS-like