Tweets of the Week


The Crystal Ball’s Tweets of the Week is a look back at the highlights of the past week in politics in snippets of 140 characters or less. To get this analysis as soon as news breaks, follow University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter by clicking here.

8:38 AM Feb 12th: This Was the Week That Wasn’t–at least on the snowy East Coast.

10:15 AM Feb 12th: Much is being made of Patrick K’s retirement leaving Congress “Kennedy-free”. As Arnold S (an adopted Kennedy) might say, “We’ll be back.”

8:18 PM Feb 12th: Good to see President Clinton out of the hospital so quickly & soon back in action. Most of us wish we had half his energy.

8:22 PM Feb 12th: Feb. 12th must be one of Bill Clinton’s lucky days. Back on Feb. 12, 1999, the Senate refused to convict him after the House’s impeachment.

8:23 PM Feb 12th: Speaking of Presidents, their “day” is Monday. FALSE. President’s Day is a holiday established to honor George Washington (born 2/22).

8:27 PM Feb 12th: Some of our modern presidents have tried to horn in on a holiday that isn’t theirs. And the press usually gets it wrong, too. Shocking, huh?

7:26 PM Feb 15th: Fate’s fickleness reminds me that on this date in 1933, Pres-elect FDR was nearly assassinated, just 2 weeks before his swearing-in.

7:27 PM Feb 15th: Imagine how different U.S. history would have been if VP-elect John Nance Garner had become POTUS instead of FDR. Mind-boggling.

7:59 PM Feb 15th: FDR was lucky, JFK was not. I went to JFK Library/Boston on Saturday. He was actually one of the last deaths of WWII b/c of his back injury.

8:01 PM Feb 15th: JFK could have survived neck bullet if it had sent him spinning down out of assassin’s sight. But back brace kept JFK upright for head shot.

8:03 PM Feb 15th: JFK exhibits never mention assassin’s name. Correct policy. We should make them non-persons, never mentioned or shown. Deprive of all fame.