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Larry J. Sabato, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics May 27th, 2010

The Crystal Ball’s Tweets of the Week is a look back at the highlights of the past week in politics in snippets of 140 characters or less. To get this analysis as soon as news breaks, follow University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter by clicking here.

12:33 PM May 20th: I’ve been saying for weeks that it was 50-50 whether Rand Paul would win by a mile in Nov. or blow the election. More evidence last night.

4:44 PM May 21st: Every now & then I see a candidate who’d be more secure electorally if he’d be convinced to spend campaign season in Bermuda. Yep, you, Rand

6:03 PM May 21st: Another graduation weekend here at UVA. I don’t remember all 40 since I showed up in Charlottesville, but quite a few. So many stories.

6:05 PM May 21st: Lady Bird Johnson subbed for her recently deceased husband, the mike went dead for VP GHW Bush (“Can someone fix this damn thing?” he said)

6:10 PM May 21st: Christopher Reeve, Arthur Ashe & more, since departed. Day is about parents(Tuition Liberation Day) & students(End of Life as They Know It).

9:02 PM May 21st: Blumenthal may well survive. What shouldn’t survive is his attempt to use the word “misspoke” as cover. Correct verbs: lied, fabricated.

8:59 PM May 23rd: Foolish Fergie! She could have made far more $$ & avoided scandal by registering as a lobbyist & selling access in DC. There, it’s the norm!

8:49 AM May 24th: What goes up must come down? SPalin & JennyS gave Nikki Haley big boosts in SC GOV GOP. Now Haley’s image looks more like Mark than Jenny.

10:45 PM May 24th: Watch SC GOV primary(R), 1 of best races June 8. Somebody’s lying in Haley matter–either Haley or accuser. Awaiting evidence or lack of it.

10:06 AM May 25th: Dino Rossi (R) va. Sen. Patty Murray (D).At the Crystal Ball, we’re moving WA SEN from Likely D to Leans D. Competitive but Murray advantage

10:08 AM May 25th: Richard Blumenthal (D) vs Linda McMahon (R). At the Crystal Ball we’re calling it Leans D. Both have weaknesses. No slam dunk, but D edge.

10:10 AM May 25th: If ex-Rep. Rob Simmons (R) was GOP nominee & had McMahon’s $$$, our rating would have been Toss-up. And if pigs could fly, we’d all look.

10:42 PM May 25th: Meanwhile in AZ Senate, J.D. Hayworth has adopted a classic as his campaign song: Sam Cooke’s “Don’t Know Much About History.”

10:46 PM May 25th: I called smart SC GOV observers today. Still don’t know who’s lying. But apologies to IL, LA, NJ & NY: SC has nation’s dirtiest politics.

12:15 AM May 26th: 2011 on this date: 50 yrs since JFK pledged US to land man on moon. Most Americans sense we’ve lost our preeminent position in space. Sad.

12:17 AM May 26th: Teachers suffer from ’empty nest syndrome’ just like parents. Sounds of students are greatly preferred to sounds of silence. Post-grad blues

9:27 AM May 26th: New CBS poll: 7 of 10 are DISSATISFIED w/DC but only 22% are ANGRY. Too much press emphasis on anger. That is NOT the controlling emotion.