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Larry J. Sabato, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics July 15th, 2010

The Crystal Ball’s Tweets of the Week is a look back at the highlights of the past week in politics in snippets of 140 characters or less. To get this analysis as soon as news breaks, follow University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter by clicking here.

9:47 PM Jul 8th: Now I understand the true meaning of Nixon’s “Silent Majority”. We’re the 80% that cares less about where LeBron plays.

5:20 PM Jul 9th: 160th anniversary of the death of Pres. Zachary Taylor.Supposedly he died after combination of heat on July 4 plus cold milk/cherries=gastro

5:21 PM Jul 9th: Body was dug up in 1991 to test for arsenic. Was some, not enough to kill. But some allege sloppy job. Taylor had upset South, had enemies.

5:27 PM Jul 9th: Taylor death/murder? raises questions about history. How much of what we’re taught is real, how much repeated fantasy? Be honest–it’s both.

5:39 PM Jul 9th: Gallup Poll just called me (it’s real, I checked #). Interviewer hung up! Hey, call back. I’ve always wanted to see how you all REALLY do it

5:52 PM Jul 9th: Target dates for ’12 nominations (IA, NH, NV, SC all in Feb) much better than nutty ’08. But why are these 4 always 1st? Unfair to other 46!

6:07 PM Jul 9th: Tweeps, you are correct. Many states will have to change their laws to accommodate new ’12 primary schedule. And some may not. Chaos ensues.

8:49 PM Jul 9th: Believe it or not. SC says Alvin Greene’s story checks out. He spent most of his net worth on $10,440 SEN filing fee. A new way to waste $$$.

3:39 PM Jul 10th: Gallup called back. Daily Obama track. But most of 20 Q were about health & whether I ate 5 fruits/veg a day. More Michelle than Barack. :)

3:41 PM Jul 10th: Has any candidate gained more from immigration debate than Gov. Jan Brewer(R-AZ)? Once v. weak, she’s now favorite in primary and Nov.

7:51 PM Jul 11th: Behind Gibbs’ admission House could go R: Only ’10 advantage Ds have is early warning of R takeover, unlike ’94. But will Ds care enuf?

8:00 PM Jul 11th: Does anyone know how I can hire Paul the Octopus for UVA’s Crystal Ball? Will sweeten the deal with tenure.

9:28 AM Jul 12th: Once gone, Dems will find House tough to regain. Redistricting in 2011 will help GOP. Last time House switched back after 1 term was 1954.

8:48 PM Jul 13th: 50 yrs ago this hour–JFK won D nomination 4 POTUS in LA. WY put him over top, LBJ 2nd. Pandemonium. Real convo, not like now. Saw w/my Dad.

8:51 PM Jul 13th: One thing hasn’t changed. Media’s Instant analysis: JFK too young, too Catholic to win in Nov. Truman said Dems blew it. All wrong.

2:47 PM Jul 14th: Strict Honor System @UVA & many colleges, special focus on plagiarism. Shame on Scott McInnis(R-CO,GOV) for giving such bad example 2 young.